About the Event

Aiki Extended 2016 - An Aikido Festival

You are invited to participate in a festival of aikido, where we will explore the principles of aikido both on the mat, but also by participating in various workshops that explore how these same principles can be used in off the mat situations or in related arts. You will be able to benefit from the knowledge of over 20 teachers, coming from the USA, various countries within Europe and of course the UK. Between them the collective aikido knowledge is simply vast. It is a rare opportunity to explore different aikido traditions and to see the big picture of what aikido is all about.

The event will take place in the village of Burwell, which is just north of the historic town of Cambridge. It commences on the Friday night and continues through to 5:00 on the Sunday. Over that time there are 15 hours of training that you can participate in. The question is, what sessions will you choose to attend, as we aim to offer three potential sessions every hour and at least one aikido session and one workshop every hour. (Your biggest complaint at the end will be that you couldn’t attend all the sessions that you wanted to). This will be a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge and vision, to experience new things and to make new friends as participants will come from different groups and represent a good few countries.

By participating you will help to raise money for Aiki Extensions (www.aikiextensions.org), an international group, registered in the USA as a charity It supports projects that use aikido as a tool to improve the lives of those that are in less fortunate places than most of us and to bring together people who want to take the principle of aikido off the mat and into the wider world.


Luke Archer Verbal Aikido Workshop
Ted Braude Workshop: working with problem teenagers
John Burn - 4th Dan Internal Power
Thomas Christaller - 5th Dan Aikido and Workshop
Piers Cooke - 7th Dan Aikido
Quentin Cooke - 7th Dan Aikido and Workshop
Steve Fyffe - 5th Dan Teaching when you're Blind
Przemek Gawronski - 5th Dan Aikido and Workshop
Robert Kent - 4th Dan Exploring the need for Aiki Extensions
Paul Linden - 6th Dan Aikido and Workshop
Tim Magill - 5th Dan Aikido
Mark Peckett - 3rd Dan Aikido
Roisin Pitman - 6th Dan Aikido and The Disabled
Marill Poole - 6th Dan Aikido
Bjorn Saw - 5th Dan Aikido
Richard Small - 4th Dan Jo Workshop
Phil Smith - 6th dan Aikido
Christian Vanhenten - 3rd Dan Aikido
Jamie Zimron - 5th dan Aikido and Workshop
Gunter Buck - 2nd dan Workshop
Patrick Cassidy - 6th Dan Aikido and Workshop
Mark Walsh Yoga
Eva Fenrich Alexander Technique
Mark Bradford Aikido and Co-creation
Dimitra Zirou Tai Chi
Kuldip Singh Aikido
Nikolaos Papanikolaou Aikido

Dates and Times

9 September19:00-21:30Welcome and Aikido
10 September9:00-17:00Multiple Activities
10 September19.30Seminar Dinner*
11 September9:00-17:00Multiple Activities and Closing

* If you are not staying at Burwell House the cost of the Seminar Dinner will be an additional £15.

Costs of Seminar

There is a cap of 75 participants on each day those booking for the whole seminar will be given preference. Whilst costs for each day are shown I anticipate the event being sold out and single days may not be possible. If you book for a single day and I get takers for the whole event, your money will be refunded.

Payment will need to be in advance:

DayPayment in advanceNotes
Saturday£56Lunch will be provided
Sunday£49Lunch will be provided
Total Seminar£100-

*15% discount for paid up AE members. (It only costs $50, around £34 a year to join and your money supports some great causes) and/or additional 15% discount for presenters.

Course Venue

Mandeville Hall
Tan House Lane
Reach Road
CB25 0AR

Click here to view "Mandeville Hall" map


Burwell House
North Street
CB25 0BB

(The entrance is via Silver Street and the post code if using satnav/gps is CB25 0EF)

Burwell House has been a venue for a wide variety of residential and non-residential courses for almost forty years.

Built in the late 1700s and owned by Cambridgeshire County Council since the 1960's, it retains the gracious atmosphere of a large family home, whilst catering for the needs of modern day customers.

It provides home-cooked food prepared by professionals that take pride in the food they produce.

This is not a luxury venue and rooms will be shared and if the take-up is significant then this may even be in small dormitories.

However, it will provide a bed for the night, and food at an incredibly reasonable price in a very pleasant setting in the heart of the village of Burwell, where the seminar is based.

Many of the benefits to be gained from the seminar are to be had by sharing time and talking with your fellow delegates and so whilst you can book alternative accommodation in the locality, you are strongly encouraged to stay here.

What's included - Accommodation on Friday and Saturday night and meals on Friday, and Saturday Night and Sunday Lunchtime plus breakfast on Saturday and Sunday Morning.

Guide price around £105 - Final price still to be negotiated.

Alternatively an excellent B&B is located just opposite the hall and slightly further afield, but within the village it offers a few self catering flats. This will be more expensive, but will provide more privacy. (It’s my intention to reserve all the rooms here), but two alternative B&B’s are available within the village.

Aiki Extensions

Aiki Extensions is an international group that seeks to bring together people who want to take the principle of aikido off the mat and into the wider world. O Sensei described aikido as the' Art of Peace' and saw it as' a way to reconcile the world. A 100 years on from the start of the First World War, with conflict with war still raging in various parts of the world and conflict of some sort featuring in most of our lives, it seems appropriate to have a seminar focusing on how we can make O Sensei's vision come true. Every ocean began with a drop of water and so whilst it is not expected that the seminar will change the world overnight, it just might provide some inspiration for the quiet and positive ways we can all make a difference in our own communities. It's time to turn the drop of water into a shower of rain.

General Information

Burwell is a village that is; about 12 miles (18km) North of Cambridge with its beautiful and ancient university buildings, 4 miles (6km) from Newmarket, 9the home of horse racing in the UK) and 12 miles (18km) from Ely with its wondrous mediaeval cathedral. So we are surrounded by wonderful tourist destinations which makes it a great destination to extend your stay. London is train ride away

It is a large village set in the Cambridgeshire fens away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It has a population of over 6,000 and as such offers many amenities including 3 pubs, various food shops and restaurants, a bakers, a chemist and a bank.

The accommodation and seminar venue are in walking distance, (25 minutes) or a short car ride. Car parking is easily available at both Mandeville Hall and Burwell House.

Burwell is:

  • 40 minutes from London Stansted airport
  • 75 minutes from Luton airport
  • 90 minutes from London Heathrow
  • 120 minutes from London Gatwick

Click here to view "Burwell" map

Mandeville Hall - Seminar Venue: It is on the corner of Tanhouse Lane, where it meets the Reach Road, next to the cricket pitch.

Burwell House - Accommodation: Entrance is on Silver Street towards the Toyse Lane end.